In addition to servicing the community for over 20 years, Applied Telecom offers distinct value added services called the Advantage.

These highly desired services position Applied Telecom as the premier choice for equipment and services.


Enhanced Training policy

   •  The world's best phone system would only be an avoided office nuisance        if there is not proper training.

   •  We make sure that all staff members are trained on the proper       operation of your new investment.

   •  And if additional training sessions are required, it will be provided at       no extra charge for the duration of the warranty or service contract.

No Risk Guarantee

   •  Applied Telecom’s sales engineers possess technical certification on all       products sold.

   •  We make no false promises and are confident that the features and       functionality we discuss during the sales process remain true.

   •  If the product does not perform as stated in the sales contract we will       refund the total equipment cost and replace the equipment with a product       that does perform.


Comprehensive Warranty

   •  From front to back our phone systems are covered by a       comprehensive warranty.

   •  If the product should fail, Applied Telecom will replace the defective       equipment at no charge.

   •  Certain restrictions do apply; please contact a representative for further       information.

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